《-/Summer Days at Grand Fest, Try 3》 [編集]

Trigger Unit 【☆】(Critical Trigger) 〈0〉 (Boost)
Etranger - Human Power 5000 / Shield 10000 / ☆1


トリガーユニット 【☆】(クリティカルトリガー) 〈0〉 (ブースト)
エトランジェ - ヒューマン パワー5000 / シールド10000 / ☆1

 Vanguard & Buddyfight Grand Festivalで配布されたEtrangerCritical Trigger

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収録情報 [編集]

PR cardVanguard & Buddyfight Grand FestivalPR/0370EN-A Illust / OLMChrono “I can’t wait to challenge American cardfighters!” Tokoha “Let's check out some of these shops!” Shion “How about we catch a show while we eat?”
PR/0370EN-B Illust / OLMChrono “Look at the new cards I got today!” Tokoha “There are so many great shops here!” Shion “The food looks fantastic as well!””